Camara Consulting

Founded in 1995, Camara Consulting is a multi-divisional custom software development company.  We create powerful solutions for businesses, large and small, in rapidly changing markets where having a competitive edge is of the utmost importance. It was founded by Carlos Camara, a Master of Science University of Cape Town graduate, with a passion for mathematics.

Our cutting-edge solutions are brought to you by our very capable team, who are skilled in:

Business Consulting

Camara Consulting

Business Analysis

Project Management

System Architecture

Software Development

Quality Assurance

Custom Software Development

We specialise in custom software development and believe that software development and delivery should address your specific business needs. Our experience with commercial, as well as a host of open source development platforms, allows us to create a customised solution to all your business software needs. We pride ourselves on our ability to produce user-friendly, goal-orientated interfaces that will both streamline your business process and increase productivity.

The bulk of our software development is done using the Microsoft® .NET Framework and supporting technologies. Each client and their respective project needs are approached in a methodical, user-orientated manner to deliver the best possible solution for your business. Our custom software development offering is backed by value-added services, which cover ongoing software and business consulting, source code recovery, application support and customisation.

Bespoke Software Products

We also offer bespoke software products.  They are flexibly designed to address the most basic and complex of business needs.  Our customizable software addresses different functions in different industries, namely:

  • Financial Software
    • Loan-IT: Loan Administration System
    • Collect-IT: Debt Collection System
    • Bill-IT: Billing System
  • Logistics Software
    • Move-IT: Logistics Planning and Processing System
    • Prevent-IT: Preventative Maintenance System
  • Production Software
    • Produce-IT
  • CRM Software
    • CRM-IT

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