We help you configure, customise and integrate software solutions into your business processes

We create our software products using modular development, specifically configuring and customising our solutions to meet your exact business requirements. We use Microsoft and non-proprietary technologies, ensuring that our solutions are:

  • Reliable and scalable - the software products support rapidly growing companies by providing the right framework to reshape business applications quickly and efficiently. This means that our software solutions can grow and evolve as your business grows.​

  • Flawlessly secure - Microsoft technologies use various security mechanisms for keeping the applications protected. They have built-in Windows authentication, which is used to make secure and safe applications. ​

  • Not locked in with vendors - our non-proprietary technologies ensure that you don't  get locked-in with vendors for services, which can incur substantial costs for upgrades and customisation.

Financial Software

Our Financial Software products help you efficiently manage and integrate loan administration, debt collection, and billing into your business processes. The finance products consist of a complete Loan Management System,  Debt Collection System, and Billing System. They are all customisable to suit your requirements.

CRM Software

Our Customer Relationship Management Software allows you to stay connected to customers, efficiently manage your team and streamline processes. The functionality of this software is equivalent to that of big corporate service providers like Salesforce, Oracle, SAP and Microsoft Dynamics. It can be customised to meet your exact business requirements and desired processes.

Logistics Software

Camara Consulting Logistics Software

Our Logistics Software products enable you to manage all areas of your logistics business. The Logistics System manages the operations behind deliveries like capturing loads to be delivered, scheduling deliveries and managing billing. The Fleet Maintenance System reduces maintenance costs by automating scheduling, repair orders, inventory control, warranty management and labour control.

Production  Software

Camara Consulting production Software

Our Production Software helps you manage all aspects of production. It consists of managing relationships across contracts, production planning, procurement, resources, inventory, warehousing, quality control and analytics. The capabilities of the system include accurate lead time forecasting which improves customer satisfaction as well the management of equipment.

How we work with you

Camara Consulting How we work with you

Why work with us

Tried & Tested

Camara Consulting has a tested and proven track record throughout 20 years of providing affordable, functional and high quality business software solutions. We have partnered with businesses, big and small,  through various industries the world over.

Multi-Skilled Team

Our team has every skill-set that relates to delivering end-to-end software solutions. Our skills range across business analysis, project management, system architecture, software development, testing and quality assurance.

Cutting Edge Technology

We use best-of-breed, bench-marked technology every single day. We are Microsoft Partners, and  primarily use Microsoft technologies, thus our business software solutions universally complement various business management systems.

Integration Experts

We don't just give you solutions. We also make sure to integrate them with your existing systems, to support a smoothly running business. We also have experience in developing web service interfaces to other systems.

Let us help you with your business software needs