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Camara Consulting Move-IT

Move-IT is a flexible and scalable Logistics Management System that allows logistics companies to manage all areas of their logistics business.

Move-IT functionality includes:

  • A Planning Module allowing users to book deliveries onto vehicles

  • A billing module allowing the system to bill for each trip

  • A facility to create templates of regular deliveries that can be reused, minimizing data capturing

  • Creating trips from the Planning Module

  • Printing of trip sheets

  • Capturing all information relating to each trip

  • Giving notices of when a trip is running late

  • Integrating into different systems, e.g. ERP systems

  • Extensive reporting

Preventative Maintenance Software

Camara Consulting Prevent-IT

To complement Move-IT, we developed a Preventative Maintenance System that allows you to manage the repairs and preventative maintenance of equipment involved in your logistics business – e.g. vehicles, photo copying machines etc.

Prevent-IT functionality includes:

  • Maintaining a list of equipment

  • Associating preventative maintenance profiles against each piece of equipment (defining the rules associated with preventative maintenance)

  • Sending reminders when equipment is due for preventative maintenance

  • Booking in equipment via work order requests

  • Capturing a complete history of all activities involved during the maintenance of the equipment

  • Integration into ERP systems

  • Extensive Reporting

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